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AGE GROUPSP4 to P7 and S1-S6CLUB CONTACTActive Schools Coordinator/Sports Development

DAP! As part of Active Schools targeted areas of work, the team offer curriculum physical activity sessions for pupils with physical and/or learning disabilities.  After consultation with school staff and parents, children are identified as a potential participants for these sessions.

The aim of the sessions are to offer an additional opportunity for children with a disability to take part in sport and physical activity in order to further develop their skills.  Sessions are filled with fun games and activities from a variety of sports and are delivered in 5 or 6 week blocks.   At the end of the block a festival runs at Meadowmill Sports Centre to which all participants in the programme across East Lothian are invited.

The provisional time set aside for the sessions this year is during curriculum time on Thursdays 1.45pm – 2.45pm. Parents are welcome to attend sessions and festivals at any time throughout the year except for the first session of each block. 

If you would like any further information on whether DAP will be suitable for you child, please contact your local primary Active Schools Coordinator or complete the form below and return it to your Active Schools Coordinator.

DAP Secondary

DAP is now avaliable in secondary school, through Sports Development featuring sports themed physical activity such as football, gymnastics,athletics and basketball.  For more information about secondary Disability sports provision please contact your school sports coordinator.

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