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Sport Countryside and Leisure

Sport Countryside and Leisure East Lothian work in partnership with a number of agencies to keep East Lothian Active.

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The Sport Countryside and Leisure Service takes the lead in shaping and developing an inclusive approach to physical activity and health improvement, recognising that physical activity plays an important role in improving health and quality of life across East Lothian communities.

Staff within the Sport Countryside and Leisure Service are key drivers on the East Lothian Physical Activity and Health Partnership. As part of this partnership, along with our NHS Lothian colleagues and other partners, we run a number of programmes with a focus on increasing physical activity opportunities for families, children and adults. These programmes include Get Going and Ageing Well. Additionally, in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and enjoyleisure, the Move More East Lothian programme offers a 12 week physical activity referal programme with people experiencing cancer and other long-term conditions.

Daily, we read in the press the concerning statistics which illustrate all too clearly the problems and difficulties that the nation faces with regard to health and the lack of physical activity.

This section aims to encourage, illustrate and signpost opportunities for individuals and communities throughout the area to participate in healthy physical activity and in doing so promoting a healthier lifestyle.


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