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East Lothian Sports Charter

Committing to making sport and physical activity inclusive throughout East Lothian

E&I Charter FP

We are committed to ensuring that East Lothian is a place where, equality and diversity is valued, and where inclusion and access are at the forefront of all we do.

Through this charter we pledge our commitment to embracing equality and to actively tackling discrimination in all its forms.

  1. We believe everyone should be able to participate and enjoy sport and physical activity whoever they are and whatever their background.
  2. We believe that sport and physical activity is about fairness, equality, respect and dignity.
  3. We will work together and individually to challenge unacceptable behaviour in all its forms to eliminate discrimination.
  4. We will make sport a welcome place for everyone – for those participating in sport, those attending sporting events and for those working or volunteering in sport and physical activity at any level.
  5. We will create an environment where everyone has a voice and feels safe and supported.

East Lothian Sports Charter


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