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SPORT Badminton LOCATION Meadowmill Sports Centre
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Welcome to the Badminton Developemnt Home Page

Did you know?

During the 19th century British military officers in the Indian town of Poona added a net to the ancient game of battledore (meaning bat) and shuttlecock, and named this new game after the town. The sport of Poona was eventually brought back home by the officers and named badminton when the game was played in 1863 in the residence of Badminton House in Gloucestershire the home of the Duke of Beaufort.

Badminton has been part of the Olympic Games since Barcelona in 1992. It is the fastest racket sport in the world with the fastest smash recorded at 421km/h (262mph) A shuttlecock is formed from 16 overlapping feathers from the left wing of a goose or duck embedded into a rounded cork base.

Badminton is one of the 10 core sports of East Lothian's Sports Development Team which focuses on a pathway that allows all players regardless of age to reach their potential and enjoy the benefits of regular participation and competition.

In partnership with BADMINTONscotland and Active Schools Badminton Development run a number of programmes:


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