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SPORT Rugby LOCATION Recreation Park North Berwick
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The club was founded in 1952 and matches have always been played at Recreation Park, initially using posts donated by the first President, Sir Hugh Hamilton Dalrymple who had trees felled from his estate at Leuchie to meet the needs!

Changing took place at the Old School House half a mile away and although the Pavilion was built by the Town Council to serve the Park, the members embarked on the building of their own facilities, the first phase of which was completed in 1974. Phase II was completed in 1979 and the dream of so many in the Club had been realised solely through the efforts of the members who carried out almost all of the construction work.

Today the club operates a 1st and 2nd XV, an over 35's side named the Puffin Gannets and has a very successful youth policy. 

North Berwick has had for many years possibly one of the most successful mini rugby sections (Primary 4 to 7) in Scotland. This success is measured both in numbers participating and also in performance terms. In 1994 as both North Berwick High School and the Club were having limited success in the 12 to 18 age group, the decision was taken not to run midi rugby at the club but to complement those running rugby at the High School. The success of this process has resulted in the school operating 9 XV's and has produced a regular supply of players to East Lothian, Edinburgh and Scotland at U16, U17 and U18.

NBRFC operates age group rugby to complement the school fixture list and deliver competitive rugby during holidays.

This successful youth policy is providing dividends as the majority of the current 1st XV are under 25 and have come through from the Mini section and North Berwick HS.

Seven a side rugby has always meant a great deal to North Berwick and in 1960 hosted the first sevens tournament at Recreation Park. The tournament has run annually since then and has made the 3rd Saturday of April a date for many clubs from the East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh and the Borders to congregate and enjoy the abbreviated game. The 50th Tournament took place on 18th April 2009.


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