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Volunteer Spotlight win for Kim Cunningham!

Congratulations Kim on your Spotlight win!



Kim has coached at Preston Lodge since she started as a PE teacher at the school 4 years ago.

Kim has taken on the role as Girls Football Coordinator and in addition to this she also coaches a school Boys Football Team twice a week.

At lunchtimes Kim also runs Futsal classes for Girls Football and has now started a lunchtime Trampoline class as well.

   Pictured Above - Kim with the Preston Lodge Under 14 Football Boys League Champions 2019-2020


All these extra-curricular opportunities are voluntary and impacts on over 150 pupils weekly.

These classes all provide senior pupils leadership opportunities also.

All this extra-curricular activity provides many opportunities for the Preston Lodge Pupils to get active and are a great benefit to the school.

  Pictured Above - Kim with the Preston Lodge Under 14's Girls Football Team



Great work Kim and congratulations on your award!




All winners and nominees are inducted in to the Volunteer Role Of Honour 


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