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Adults take the Plunge!

Masters swimming sessions a huge success

Masters Swimmers

The Masters had a chance to demonstrate their new swimming skills last week when Jayne Smith (Participation Officer, Scottish Swimming) came to visit the sessions!

Jayne had the opportunity to meet with the masters swimmers and collect some feedback on the sessions, giving East Lothian Masters Swimming a huge amount of publicity.

The Masters sessions have been running for 8 weeks. It began as a pilot to encourage more adults back into the water by offering a coach led swimming session to cater for intermediate to advanced level swimmers, continuing the pathway through from adult lessons that are offered within the Enjoy Leisure programme. Sessions are kept at minimum cost, ensuring it is easily accessible to all.

There are two different sessions that run - Skills and Drills (which is aimed at swimmers aged 16 years and over that want to learn the technical aspects of the strokes and develop new skills) and the Fitness Masters session (which is aimed at swimmers aged 16 years and over that want to work on technique but also build fitness levels).

There are currently 50 swimmers signed up to this programme, with the sessions regularly having 30 people swimming each week.

There are a range of people attending the sessions -

There are swimmers that have just recently given up the high level of training but want to continue in a more relaxed atmosphere.

People that were competitive swimmers in their youth, but want an opportunity to enjoy the sport again.

Triathletes looking to improve their swimming ability.

Adults that want to learn how to swim to take part in triathlons or Master swim meets.

Adults that want to keep fit and make some friends.

This year, East Lothian hope to have a higher number of East Lothian entries for the upcoming East District Masters event which is held at Mercat Gait, Prestonpans on November 21st. The swimmers are looking forward to coming together as a team, competing but in a relaxed atmosphere and celebrating their efforts at the presentation buffet afterwards!

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