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East Lothian Schools Winter Golf Match Play

NEW knock out event

2023 Golf Match Play

East Lothian Schools 2023/24 Foursomes Match Play

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(Key:  Green = won, Yellow = still in it, Red = knocked out)

Foursomes Format: played as a pair and you hit alternate shots with your partner including alternate drives

Handicaps:  Players will receive 50% of their combined handicap difference i.e. add you and your partners handicaps together then work out the difference between your combined and your opponents combined then half it = number of shots given

Max number of shots to be given per hole = 1

Boys:  play from yellow tees and get shots based on yellow Stroke Index

Girls:  play from red tees and get shots based on red Stroke Index

Dates: The dates in each round are the dates that matches must be played by


The top pair in each match is the challenger. 

Please contact your opposition asap to provide a minimum of 3 dates spanning 3 weeks.

Challengers book a tee time with your home club stating you are playing in the Schools Match Play.

Challengers are responsible for reporting their match result to Kate by the closing date of each round.

First round results commentary ....

- Hudson Blair and Rory Papakyriakou (NBHS/West Links) beat Lewis and Jack Cleeton (Muss Gr/Muss Old) on the 20th at Musselburgh Old
- Archie Brownlee (Knox/Haddington) and Callum Hynd (Knox/Haddington) beat Ewan Stone (Rosehill/Musselburgh GC) Matt Hyvonen (Rosehill/Royal Musselburgh GC) at Royal Musselburgh 3&2
- Cameron Brown (Ross HS/Musselburgh GC) and Luke Higgins (Ross HS/Castlepark GC) who beat Louise Martin (NBHS/Gullane GC) and Anna Zonova (MGS/Royal Muss GC) at Gullane on the 19th
- Jack Collingswood and Ben Churn (NBHS/West Links) who beat Thomas Clark and Alfie Pugh (NBHS/West Links) at North Berwick West Links 4&3
- Harry Dunkinson and Connor McCarthy (NBHS/West Links) beat Sam Racliffe (NBHS/Kilspindie) Finlay Perry (NBHS/Gullane) at Gullane 3&2
- Murray Bowsher and Rory Leitch (Knox/Haddington GC) beat Freddie Bradley and Rory McCrossan (Gullane PS/Gullane GC) 5 & 4 at Haddington GC
- Scott McEwan Ness and Finn Ryan (NBHS/Gullane GC) beat Jack Collingswood and Ben Churn (NBHS/West Links) 4 & 2



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