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Get to know your Ross HS SPOTY Nominees - Stefan Krawiec

Stefan is one of four Ross HS SPOTY's

Ross HS Stefan

Stefan has taken the Scottish Swimming scene by storm over the last 12 months.

In the months of November and December alone, Stefan broke the Short Course (25m pool) National Age Group (12 years) records in

50m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m FC

50m Backstroke

50m 100m 200m Breaststroke

50m, 100m 200m Butterfly

200m IM

Which means he is the fastest 12 year old EVER in Scotland to compete in those events. Some of those records had been held for a great number of years.

He is the current Scottish Age Group Champion (11-13 years) in

50m Fly

200m Fly

200m FC

100m Fly

200m IM

100m FC

200m Br

400m FC

100m Br

400m IM

All achieved in while 12 years old which means he beat out boys a year older than him and he has another year to retain these titles in this age group.

Stefan is a tremendous talent and works hard constantly, training before and after school several days a week. . At the moment, although he races in finals against people his age, he will compete in heats against boys that are 15/16 years old and not look out of place. He is already one of the most successful sportspeople we'll see and he is still improving all the time. The sky (or sea) is the limit.


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