Community Sports Hubs

Hockey Coaching workshops

Hockey coaching courses scheduled to run at Meadowmill.

Hockey Coaching and Umpiring workshops scheduled to take place at Meadowmill over the next few weeks. If you are a parent or senior pupil helper at a club or school, or if you are a teacher and looking to expand hockey knowledge or upskill, do sign up.

 Friday 30th August Meadowmill GB Golden Thread Introduction 6pm - 8pm

 Sunday 1st September Basic Hockey Umpiring Course at Meadowmill, 10am - 1pm

 For the above two courses, email Susie Walker, Hockey Development Officer, directly to book.

 There will be no charge for the above courses.

 Friday 6th September SHU Coaching Club Players Workshop at Meadowmill 6pm - 9pm

Get in touch with Scottish Hockey directly if you have anyone who wants to do this workshop.


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