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Windygoul Soccer School kicks off the new term in style

Windygoul Soccer Centre receives brand new football goals for the start of the new 2012-13 term

New Goals at Windygoul Primary

Parents of children at Windygoul Primary School have continued to lead the long running “Windygoul Soccer Centre” just  where it left off and has  continued to be a huge success.

The Soccer Centre received a massive boost this term, with the arrival of 4 brand new Samba goals provided by Active Schools. The goals are very strong and because they do not move about, this provides a better target for the participants to hone their skills.

One of the main techniques being taught this term is the “Step-Over” which has been made famous by  Xavi, Ronaldo and many of the greatest players in the world.

The class is constantly evolving with fun and exciting skills being learned by the 40 children all the time.

A big Thank You to everyone involved in the Soccer Centre, with a special Thank You to Ryan Houston, Alan White and Keith Wright for taking the lead coach roles and continuing to provide excellent coaching sessions  totally free of charge!


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