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Hi there, I'm here to discuss more about "a year in the life" of a runner - I'll be recapping the month of July. At the start of Juky I turned 17, and so I am now officially in a new age group - U20 women. Unfortunately, I have a bad birthday for running as for the majority of races your age is noted as the age that you are on the 31st August. Therefore I've been competing as an U20 for a few months whilst being just 16! I've also began driving- hopefully I will pass my test relatively quickly as I'd love to be able to drive myself to training. I live in North Berwick but train at Meadowmill for 3 of my sessions/runs each week so I have to take the train to the track - this means that I sometimes arrive at training really early and have to wait for a while before anybody else comes! 

This month I've competed in two races - a Scottish Womens' League 800m in Grangemouth and a BMC GAA Milers' Meet 5000m in Glasgow. My 800m ended with a wee PB ( just 0.28s) but I was satisfied with this because I'd trained hard the day before. Usually I rest and taper before racing but I agreed with my coaches that I would train before this race   The 5000m was completely different - I tapered for 3 or 4 days (rest and short steady/easy runs with some strides) before it as it was a "major target race" for me this year. Although I didn't feel fantastic before the race, I ran well and managed a PB of just under 15 seconds, and I beat my target time of 16.40 by running 16.36.74. I was extremely happy with the race! 

Other than these two races I've been training as usual, apart from a few days when my parents and I went to Oxfordshire. I managed to continue training there, and it was nice to run in a new location! In August I've got quite a few races and a training camp, so I'll update you next month! 


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