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Dunbar Primary Gets Active

Dunbar Teachers introduce children to new classes

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Dunbar Primary teachers introduced children in P4 and P5 to 2 brand new classes this term. The classes available for the children were Funky Factor and Hip Hop Dancing.

Miss Brown and Miss Cleland gave up their free time after school and provide excellent sessions to the children participating. Classes took place on a Monday and Thursday throughout term 2.

The aim of The Funky Factor is to use alternative activities to encourage children to develop a positive attitude to health and fitness as well as increasing knowledge and wellbeing in a relaxed and fun setting. Miss Cleland enabled the children to achieve all the above aims.

In the Hip Hop Dancing Class children were given the opportunity through Miss Brown instruction to learn the latest Hip Hop dance moves. Each week children were given new songs to test out the skills they had learned throughout the sessions.

Active Schools would like to extend a big thank you to Miss Brown and Miss Cleland because without their dedication the classes wouldn’t have happened for the P4-P5

If you would like to know more about Active Schools in the Dunbar Cluster please click on the link for Active Schools Coordinator Gareth Hill.

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