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Isabel Excels

Frame Running Star

Frame Running

Team East Lothian's Frame Running Squad have taken to the track again on a Wednesday evening.  With a squad of regular runners of varying ability and goals, these young athletes have come back after lockdown with renewed vigour.

Isabel, pictured, had only just started coming to the track pre-lockdown and wasn't too sure of the bikes, favouring her chair.  Now she is a regular attendee and is completing 400m on each visit.  Not only is she achieving this distance, her technique has improved ten-fold and her leg strength and foot positioning is to be admired.  Perhaps with the help of Granny and her Sour Rainbow Laces she has made an incredible amount of achievements in a short space of time.

There is still space for new members who would like to come along and give it a go.  This sport is particularly suited to people with a lower limb disability and those with Cerebral Palsy.  If you are interested in trying it our, please contact Lynda Gilroy on 


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