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Meadowmill Race Running

Do you or your child have difficulty walking or running? Come and experience the freedom of RaceRunning (running bike)!

Meadowmill Race Running

RaceRunning is an innovative sport for disabled people with impaired balance.

A RaceRunner is a custom-built tricycle without pedals on which balance is not a problem. The first RaceRunner was constructed in Denmark in 1991.

RaceRunning is an obvious sport for people with cerebral palsy, arthritis affected and amputees. RaceRunning gives disabled people who otherwise can only get around in an electric wheelchair, a manual wheelchair or in a walker the ability to move by themselves. With a RaceRunner even people with heavy disabilities may experience the feeling of running.

Meadowmill Race Running are currently recruiting more particpants and volunteers.

A Running Bike is a three wheeled bike with no pedals which supports you as you walk or run.

A Running Bike is suitable for children and adults with cerebral palsy, as as well as other disabilities that affect mobility and balance.

If you are interested, or want to know more, please contact

Lynda Gilroy, Enjoy Leisure, 01875 619074


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