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Spotlight Volunteer Award For Ryan McKechnie

Congratulations Ryan on your award !



Ryan has assisted as a volunteer, coaching for the Girls football at Musselburgh Windsor for the past 5yrs after his younger sister joined. He had connection to the Club as he previously played for a number of years in the Boys section. He received his 10yr recognition award for continued service to the Club in 2019.

Most recently he was asked to be Lead Coach for their second U15’s Girls Team, giving up 5-6hrs a week to assist with coaching, training and then taking their games at the weekend. He is also currently assisting with coaching the Boys U16’s Football team at Ross High School even though he left school himself a couple of years ago to pursue a Sports and Coaching Diploma at Edinburgh College.

Ryan had previously coached the Boys team when he was still in 5th year at the school and gained his SFA referee qualification whilst there. He enjoys working with young people and seeing them thrive in what they love to do.


This award win is obviously well deserved for all Ryan's hard work and commitment.


Keep up the good work!





All winners and nominees are inducted in to the Volunteer Role Of Honour 

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