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Volunteer Spotlight Award & Volunteer Roll of Honour

Read below for information on the Volunteer Spotlight Award & Volunteer Role Of Honour  

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Volunteering In Sport In East Lothian

Volunteering is at the heart of sport in Scotland, and none more so than right here in East Lothian. Without our dedicated Volunteers, sport just wouldn't happen and below is a list of those individuals who have been nominated as going above and beyond for their local sporting community! 

Whether they are leading the rugby team for weekly training sessions, or making teas and coffees for the hockey spectators, these individuals deserve a Thank You for giving up their time so often for the local community. 

Everyone who has been nominated for a Spotlight Award will be inducted to our Roll of Honour (below) and a very special few will win a Spotlight Award Plaque if selected as a winner by the panel.

What Is the Active East Lothian Spotlight Volunteer Award?

The Active East Lothian Volunteer Spotlight Award is an award that can be won by any Volunteers involved in Sport in East Lothian.

This could be somebody from a school, the community, member of a committee or any other type of volunteer that you would like to nominate for recognition.

East Lothian Clubs and Organisations can make up to 3 nominations for Volunteers they think deserves an award each school term.

Winners of the award receive a small trophy and a website article with background info of their involvement with Sport and why they won the award.

Winners are selected by a panel of members from different areas of Active East Lothian.

You can nominate for example a young person excelling in sport delivery or somebody who could be rewarded for long time service.

All nominees will be listed on below 'Role of Honour'.

If you have a queries regarding any of this you can email Thomas Salkeld who coordinates the awards at

To nominate someone for a chance to win a Volunteer Spotlight Award and a place in the Volunteer Role of Honour, visit - Active East Lothian's Volunteer Spotlight Awards (

Here are our amazing Volunteers who have been inducted into the Role of Honour so far:


Martin Higgs - Musselburgh Youngstars


Aimee McMillan - Tranent Amateur Swimming Club


Charlotte Wright - Tranent Amateur Swimming Club


Jimmy Gallacher - Dunbar Table Tennis Club


Mike Howard - Msselburgh and Districtt Athletics Club


Tony Segall - Musselburgh and District Athletics Club


Susie Walker - Gullane Hockey Club


Neil Hogg - Musselburgh Rugby Football Club


Ross Kennedy - Musselburgh Rugby Football Club


Alice Beverige - Saltire Team Gymnastics 


John Robertson - Musselburgh Cricket Club


Karen Page - Team East Lothian


Megan Wright - Team East Lothian


Chris Rhodes - Team East Lothian 


Hilary Matthews, Angela Latto, Gordon Allan, Karen Polwart, Sam Robertson
Aberlady PS Run Club

Anya Howat, Freya Mackenzie, Millie Hainey & Isla Chisholm
Dunbar Primary School Pupils & Active Schools Volunteers.
The Gilrls have completed their Active Schools Future Leader training and lead a weekly before school Fitness Club at their school

Lizzie Orzi
Musselburgh Grammar School Teacher & Active Schools Volunteer
Badminton Coach & Mentor


Idrees Nadeem           Musselburgh Active Schools Basketball

Basketball Coach


Eric Frser             Dunbar Grammar Schools PE Teacher

PE Teacher who goes above and beyond his job remit including leading 3 Basketball squads for girls and mentors 9 students through coaching and umpiring for Basketball and Badminton.

20+ years volunteer service, Girls and Boys Basketball, Coaching, Officiating, Facilitating Home & Away Fixtures, Mentoring, Sports Leaders & School Golf


Karly Conn              Dunbar Grammar School Pupil

Volunteering in Rugby, Leadership, Staff Fitness, Girls Fitness and Community 


Gillian Downie          Musselburgh Amatuer Swimming Club 

Volunteered in some capacity since 2015. Has been president of the club. Now disability officer for the club providing Para Swimming


Seamus Scanlon        Ross High Rugby 

Commited outstanding Rugby coach since 2019


Tracey Gillespie       Dunbar Grammar School

Hockey coach druing week and at weekends. Oversees First Aid at the school. Involved in oragnising school trips for the puipls and events for staff


Josie Wall                             Musselburgh Flyers

Outstanding young coach praised for her empathy with participants


Andy Duncan         Musselburgh and District Athletics Club

Outstanding commitment to club logistics and coaching

Hilary Matthews, Angela Latto, Gordon Allan, Karen Polwart, Sam Robertson    Aberlady Jog Club

Aberlady PS Morning Jog Club


Martin Corrigan         Dunbar Grammar Schools

Football coach for DGS boys & girls teams


Emma Kinnoch & Emma Leckie         Haddington Active Schools & Junior Hockey Club

Emma L since 2018 & Emma K been coaching at training, holiday camps and fixtures at HJHC.

Since 2019 both been assisting lead coach with Active Schools sessions


Keith Arnott         Tranent Colts 

Coaches 2 teams through the week that play at the weekend on both Saturdays & Sundays


Ryan McKechnie  Musselburgh Windsor girls team & Ross High boys team

Football coach. Been involved with Musselburgh Windsor for 10 years


Alex Williamson Preston Lodge Active Schools

Football coach for past 5 years. Takes training twice a week and weekend games


Michael Dick Tranent Colts FC

Over 20 years service on commitee and coaching


Ryan Strachan Ross High School

Rugby Coach


Mark Beckett Dunbar Colts 



Derek Little Tranent Colts & Ross High School

Football Coach 


Nicola Maxwell Dunbar Dolphins

Club Chairperson


Scott Willens Dunbar Grammar School

Rugby Coach 


Kim Cunningham Preston Lodge High School Active Schools

Boys & Girls Football Coach, Trampoline Coach 


Finn Thomson Musselburgh Grammar School Active Schools

Football Coach 


Murray Colville Musselburgh Grammar School Active Schools

Football Coach 


Jonny Goodbourn Haddington Primary School

Extra-curricular Run Club Coach


Ryan Thomson & David Fotheringham

Sportif Judo Coaches


Tracy Drysdale Dunbar Community Tennis Centre

Tennis Ambassador 


Ethan James Wilson Dunbar RFC Mini Rugby

Rugby Coach 


Ellie Galbraith Dunbar Grammar School

PE Teacher leading extra-curricular clubs such as Trampolining, Yoga, Girls Fitness


Dean Beveridge Tranent Colts

Football Coach


Daryl Murray Tranent Active Schools/Tranent Colts

Football Coach


Christina Cutt North Berwick High School Hockey 

Hockey Coach


Amy Gossner & Amy Gordon Tranent Active Schools

Girls Aqua Fintness 


Alison Gordon Ross High Hockey

Hockey Ambassador 


Sam Taylor Active Schools Preston Lodge

Primary & Secondary Football Coach


Andris Meszaros Musselburgh Active Schools

Basketball & Football


Andrew Chalmers  Ross High Sport

Cricket/Rugby/House Championship


Ruth Johnston    Haddington Active Schools

Badminton Coach  


Mark Melrose        Ross High Football

Football Coach 


Nathan Duncan     Dunbar Active Schools

Basketball Coach


Alex Burnett          Badminton Coach

Badminton Coach 


Sally Harris            Dunbar Life Saving Club

Activity leader


Stuart Allen            Dunbar Colts

Football Coach


Wendy McNeish      Ross High Hockey

Hockey ambassodor 


Mark Melrose           Ross High Football

Football ambassodor


Jenette Baxter         North Berwick Basketball Club

Coach and Basketball ambassodor 


Suzanne Laing         Haddington Hockey Club

Club coach and Hockey ambassodor 


Steven Gray              West Barns PS, Dunbar Active Schools

School Football coach and ambassodor 


Scott Hendry            Black Diamond Mauy Thai Club (Tranent)

Providing complete pathway from grass roots participation to world class performers


Olivia Taylor             Ross High School - Hockey

Hockey Coach 


Michael McNeil         Ross High School & RFC - Rugby

Rugby Coach 


Katrina Booth            Haddington Hockey Club

Club secretary, Committee member, Admin support for Knox Hockey


Jack Edoni                 Ross High School - Football

Football Coach 


Gordon Allan             Aberlady PS Active Schools

Junior Jog Scotland leader 


Emma North              Ross High School - Football

Football coach


Davie Sands               Ross High School - Football

Ambassodor for Football 


Chris & Davie Ewing  Chris Ewing Karate Club

East Lothian Karate club providing complete pathway from grass roots participation to world class performance


Bethany Jenkins     Ross High School - Hockey

S2 Hockey Coach 


Andrew Swinney     Active Schools Prestonpans

Basketball and Football Coach 


Peter Blair                Active Schools Prestonpans 

Basketball coach for primary & senior. Coach mentor. Reached semi finals in Scottish plate trophy this year


Rachel Abbie             Active Schools North Berwick

Hockey coach with Gullane. Lead coach for afterschool sport for a North Berwick primary school


Marianne Cooney      Tranent Active School

Hockey coach. Developments with PTS Tranent Hockey team


Sarah-Jane Edmond   Tranent Swim Club

Swim club coach and official


Ryan Lynch                 Active Schools Tranent 

Volunteering during school day and after school clubs


Sophie Lovett              North Berwick High School

Extra curricular clubs (Hockey & Girls Fitness) commitment.


Paul Douglas               Active Schools Dunbar

Fantatstic development and leadership of East Linton PS Football team


Catriona McPheat        Team East Lothian

Great leadership and inspoirtation of club members through coaching


 Jack Forbes                  Haddington Active Schools

Outstatnding commitment to sports volunteering


 Lisa Ferrara                   East Linton Tennis Club

 Driving forward the club providing quality opportunities for both adult and junior players


Karla Reid                       Musselburgh Active Schools Basketball Coach

Basketball & events volunteers. Enthusiastic and passionate young leader


Tony Wood                       Preston Lodge RFC

1st Team Manager along with many other roles. Outstnding commitment to the club


Neil McMillan                    Pencaitland Youth Football Club

Volunteer Football coach and club committee member for over 10 years, as well as ELSSDA Secretary Cricket Coach for Tranent CC


Lawrence Noble                   Musselburgh Windsor

 Volunteer football coach who is described as “Dedicated and always puts in maximum effort”


Jamie Lyall                            Musselburgh Active Schools

Volunteer After School Football coach taking boys and girls teams in the local area. Also takes teams to regular fixtures and is loved by his players


Andrew McKinght                Haddington & District Amateur Swimming Club

Volunteer Swim coach working for 20+ hours a week. Working with Elite Squad, EL Special Needs Playscheme and is a Knox Academy Young Ambassador


Chloe Young                          Tranent Active Schools

Volunteer Girls on the Go Coach leading Aqua Fun sessions for girls every Week at the Loch Centre in Tranent

Frank Gallagher                    Preston Lodge RFC

Volunteer Youth Coach, and newly elected Club President. Commits minimum of 3 days a week to the club and has been involved in the club for many years


Karla Reid                              Musselburgh Active Schools

Volunteer Sports Coach for 2 years. Also Senior Pupil at Musselburgh Grammar and a Young Ambassador


Blair Sharp                             Fidra Lions Hockey Club

Volunteer Hockey Coach whos positive attitude and commitment helps those new players get involved in the club community.


Jeremy Edwards                   Active Schools North Berwick and Fidra Lions Hockey Club

Volunteer Hockey Coach with Active Schools and Fidra Hockey Club. Volunteers for around 4-5 hours a week


Denise Talac                          Musselburgh Rugby Club

                Volunteers behind the scenes at Musselburh RFC with the mini section as well as planning fixtures, training, tours and post-match food.


Lynda Scott                           Ross High School Hockey

                Voluntary RH Hockey Committee member and Secretary who works behind the scenes to raise funds, organise fixtures, events and also started up a matchday tuck shop for spectators and players



Kenzie McLaughlin Tranent Active Schools

Volunteer Basketball Coach with Tranent Active Schools working with Primary 4- children on a weekly basis


Chey Carrigan                    Ross High Ladies Hockey Club

Volunteer Hockey Coach with High school Age groups. Also a committed player within the Ladies Section


John McManus                 Tranent Amateur Swimming Club

Volunteer Swimming Coach for many years as well as officiating and organising local events


Bernie Black                       Campie Primary School

Coordinates and Organises fixtures and team sso that local children get the chance to take part in extra-curricular activities


Brad Robertson                    Dunbar Active Schools

Taekwondo Coach within Local Primary Schools. Also focuses targeted programmes working with children to improve their self esteem


Karen Wightman                  North Berwick High School and BassRocketeers Netball Club

                10 Years service as a Netball coach within North Berwick Cluster            


Neil McLintock                     Musselburgh Grammar School and Musselburgh Rugby Club

                Youth Rugby Coach (U16’s and U13’s) and Positive Community Role Model


Mike Colville                         Musselburgh Grammar School and Musselburgh Rugby Club

                U14 Rugby Coach and Positive Community Role Model


Lewis Campbell                     Dunbar Grammar School and Dunbar Badminton Club

                S1/S2 School Badminton Coach and Active Player /Coach of Dunbar Badminton Club


John McCallum                     Bronx Boxing Gym

                Boxing Coach to National Silver and Bronze Medal winning athletes


Thomas O’Brien                    North Berwick Basketball Club

                4 years as a Community Basketball Coach within North Berwick


Phil Purves                            Tranent Colts Football Club

                Chairman for 14 years and driving force for football within the Tranent Community


Martin Strevens                   Longniddry Tennis Club     

                20  Years of Volunteering as a committee member and Tennis Coach


Louise Arnold                       Kings Meadow Primary School and Haddington Active Schools

                PE Specialist who goes above and beyond her job to run after school clubs in her own time


Jim MacLean                         Musselburgh Windsor Football Club                               

Set up Musselburgh Windsor Goalkeeping Academy which has developed 25 players in the specialised position


Micheal Windram                Musselburgh Windsor Football Club

Community Football Coach on several days a week despite his own health problem, h still puts the kids first


Lawrence Noble                   Musselburgh Windsor Football Club

                Community Football Coach who is a driving force within the local football community


Matty McDonald                  Musselburgh Boxing

                Inspirational and enthusiastic Boxing Coach who brings people together through his sport


Johnny Combe                      Musselburgh Windsor       

Youth football coach, praised for his excellent, professionalism, his ethos and his personal conduct within the sport


Denise Talac                          Musselburgh Rugby Club

Volunteer within the Mini Section and dedicates time to encourage others to get involved in the club community spirit


Jim Dickson                           Musselburgh Windsor Football Club

                Coach and Team Secretary who has been involved in the club for more than 9 years


Margaret Kerr                      Saltire Gymnastics Club

                Coach and Coach Mentor within the club as well as officiating at events


Jean Walker                          Saltire Gymnastics Club

                Chairwoman and committee member as well as working on potential expansion of the club


Mathew Burns                      Dunbar Swimming Club

                Coach and Participant despite personal difficulties, he leads by example


Sally Hetherington           North Berwick Active Schools

Volunteer Coach for Primary School and High School children, also part of North Berwick Community Sports Hub   


Sharon Humble                 Dunbar + Musselburgh Amateur Swimming Club

Head Coach at Dunbar Swimming Club, and Disability Coach at Musselburgh Swim Club


Tyler Connachan              Tranent Active Schools

Primary 4-7 Basketball Coach with Tranent Active Schools, also covers other sports sessions when coaches are unavailable to ensure the children do not miss out


Mairi Heron                        East Lothian Gymnastics Academy

S6 pupil who coaches 4 days a week (plus weekend competitions) on top of her studies with East Lothian Gymnastics Academy


Donna Hill                            Ross High Ladies Hockey Club

First team, Youth Coach and Umpire at Ross High Ladies Hockey Club


Alison Gordon                   Ross High Ladies Hockey

 First team, Youth Coach and Umpire at Ross High Ladies Hockey Club


Treen Third                         Dunbar Amateur Swimming Club

Volunteer Assistant Head Coach at Dunbar Swimming Club, also mentors new coaches


David Steel                         Musselburgh Windsor FC

Volunteer Head Coach and committee for Windsor’s 2008 Age Group, also organises social events for the club/team


Laura Yarwood                  Tranent Active Schools

School Teacher at Macmerry Primary School who also leads a free Girls Dance Class in spare time for Primary 3-7. Also organises opportunities for girls to dance at school events


Jim Dickson                         Musselburgh Windsor Football club

Volunteer Head Coach and Committee member with Windsor’s 2005 Age Group


Ruth Dempsey                  Active Schools Preston Lodge

Preston Lodge HS PE Teacher who leads 50 + pupils in Extra-curricular Hockey for training and matches


Lucy Bryden                       Longniddry Tennis Club

Committee member and Head Fundraiser for Longniddry Tennis Club and East Lothian Tennis


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