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Spotlight Volunteer Win For Martin Higgs!

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Martin has been involved in coaching with Musselburgh Youngstars for 10 years. Martin returned to coaching in 2021 after some time out after the tragedy of losing his son to illness in 2020.


Martin started initially in a helper role then gradually used his skill set, dedication and coaching ability and became more involved. Martin runs coaching sessions with impeccable attention to detail to improve the stronger players with drills to improve skills such as ball control, passing, teamwork, fitness and resilience. Martin importantly keeps sessions fun instilling good habits and ethics in the squad. Martin’s sessions are very inclusive for the developing players by working on skills and drills. Martin arrives first for training sessions with all his drills worked out and planned according to ability levels and he also offers extra support for players who may require further help in specific areas.

Martin has also increased the club’s exposure through charity work he undertakes in memory of his son, through Higgsy52 which has helped grow players participation as a result of the heightened profile of the club. This has led to working with “Cash for Kids” and sponsoring the Musselburgh Youngstars 2013 match strips through the Higgsy52 charity helping keep costs low for all participants.


Martin’s contribution covers training Monday and Thursday, matches Saturday and Sunday (5-7hrs weekly), throughout the season on top of his full time job and the charity work described above and is truly astonishing after the tragedy he lived through the year before.


Martin covers all aspects for this award, volunteering in a community based club and his overall actions reflect this. Martin’s enthusiasm, inclusive encouraging nature and work ethic is an inspiration to not only to players and fellow coaches but everyone connected to the club.

Congratulations Martin, Well Deserved! 

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