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Spotlight Win For Ellie Galbraith!

Congratuations on your spotlight win Ellie!



Ellie is a committed teacher for the past 2 years @ DGS, whom currently leads various extra-curricular clubs such as Trampolining, Yoga, Girls Fitness and looking to start a Tennis club soon. Ellie has created a big focus on physical and mental wellbeing within school promoting Yoga and Girls Fitness within the PE dpt which is constantly growing in popularity. Ellie has also developed pupil recognition within the PE dpt by starting a 'Pupil of the Week', whereby all staff recognise and highlight 1 pupil each within class and share this across the whole school!



Ellie is a caring person who is always looking to support her pupils and colleagues. Recently, Ellie has created a staff wellbeing initiative called the "Secret Friend" whereby staff all have a secret friend and leave notes or small gifts during the term. This has been recognised across all staff as a massive talking point across faculties and a simple but great initiative to increase staff wellbeing.


Great work Ellie!


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