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Volunteer Spotlight Award For Dean Beveridge!

Congratulations Dean On Your Award!



Dean is a Football Coach for Tranent Colts 2008 team.


Dean has come on board giving up his free time to help coach and training kids from the experience he has gained as a youngster playing.


Dean is 17yrs old and has shared his adventure with the youngsters to help spur them on.   Some of the kids lacked confidence and having a coach a few years older to bond with as well as looking up to has brought them out of their shells,  helped their mindset and has resulted in a complete transformation in fitness, playing and confidence  as well as game results.  


Dean brings along all the experience from playing with Edinburgh City and uses this at the appropriate level for all the kids resulting in a positive fitness buzz and less technology time.


A parent of a member of Dean’s squad said

 ‘Dean is absolutely amazing with all the boys. He puts so much in to coaching these young boys. He deserves to be given an award for his outstanding coaching and commitment’


Great work Dean!





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